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Ada Rosenlen

We help you find a relocation company in Stockholm.

Moving your entire household to a new home is a rather difficult process, but there is help to be had. If you have plans to hire a relocation company Stockholm, there are some things to consider.

It may be good to know that there are certain regulations that a moving company should follow, these are collected in Bohag 2010 – General consumer regulations . These regulations are developed through a collaboration between the Swedish Consumer Agency and the relocation company.

The advantage of hiring a relocation company in Stockholm who understands and follows these guidelines is above all that the risk of conflict is reduced. As a consumer, it is very good to have read these guidelines before so that you know what you can request and what obligations / rights each party has.

Book moving help quickly and easily

When you need to book moving help Stockholm, there is a lot to keep in mind. Moving companies and their offers should be compared.

Our goal is that you as a customer should benefit from your relocation assistance.

Seeking moving help at Hittaflyttfirma is free of charge and you choose it yourself the company that suits you and meets your requirements. All you need to do is fill out the form with some information about your move.

Prices between relocation companies in Stockholm vary and the first thing to do is to find out what relocation assistance is available in the place where you live. This is most easily done by submitting a quote with us at the relocation company and getting 6 quotes from different companies with different pricing and offers.

After moving companies have contacted you, it is usual that they want to meet you (usually if you have a housing estate over 100 m2) to make an assessment of the housing estate and, based on that, leave a quotation at work.

The reason for this is that the work can differ very much from one move to another. However, this does not prevent you from receiving quotes from several moving companies and then decide which one suits you best. Hire a professional for your move in Stockholm. Don't forget to book cleaning in connection with relocation.

We can also help you find one moving company in Malmö


Relocation assistance at a fixed price

Prices vary depending on the relocation company's experience and the period they have been in the market. Here you want to find a nice balance between good quality and reasonable prices. A very rough estimate of how much a moving company traditionally costs about SEK 60 - 70 per square meter.  

Such a calculation also includes truck / moving truck costs and the price is also after the RUT deduction.

Prices also vary on how far to move, how much to move and the number of moving classes.

The best way is to get a free quote from a moving company in Stockholm that you consider serious. They will ask all the necessary questions regarding the move and then offer a detailed quote.

How much does a moving company in Stockholm cost?

The most common question is - How much does a moving company in Stockholm cost   and what do I get for the money?

In that post we will answer that particular question.

A fixed price is the safest choice, making it easier to compare between different companies. The fixed price must then be included in the agreement. If you do not receive a fixed price, the agreement must state how the price will be calculated.

Different moving companies have different offers,   Most of the relocation companies in Stockholm usually borrow cardboard boxes completely free of charge . Make sure and ask how much the delivery of the boxes costs.

Want to read more? - search on google - "moving company Stockholm price" or "moving help Stockholm price" - then you get a lot of info.

Moving Company Price

A standard hourly rate for moving aid usually ranges between 500 and 600: - per hour including VAT after the routine deduction. Moving companies that offer cheaper prices are not really serious. We recommend avoiding the use of moving assistance from a cheap moving company.

If you have a large villa to be moved and you are worried about your things, then we would recommend hiring a more expensive moving help from a moving company in Stockholm who has many years of experience.

Once you have filled in an inquiry on our website, you will receive quotes from different moving companies with different offers. Then you choose a moving company that offers removal assistance at a good price (we recommend choosing a moving company at a fixed price).


One of the first things you as a consumer should keep in mind is to use the RUT Deduction. The RUT deduction means that when you order moving aid you are entitled to 50% deduction on the invoice . The RUT deduction is extremely smooth and moving companies do most of the paperwork.

It is important to know that the RUT deduction only applies to the labor cost. This includes moving aid, packaging, planning, packing, driving etc. However, it does not include the rental of moving car and the purchase of moving material.

Examples of how RUT deductions work when purchasing floating aid

Let’s say you order moving aid for 10 000 SEK including all taxes and VAT. Here is an example of how the invoice basis can be specified:

  • Moving truck and moving material: 2000, – (Not deductible)
  • Labor: 8000, – (Deductible)
  • Total: 10 000, –

When applying RUT deduction on the cost, that means you get a direct deduction of 50% for the workforce. In other words, you get a deduction of a total of 4000, -.

The new invoice looks like this.

  • Moving truck and moving material: 2000, –
  • Labor: 4000, –
  • Total: 6000, –

The deduction you received (total 4000, -) is paid by the tax authorities to the moving company, so there is nothing you need to think about.

The deduction is limited to a maximum of 50 000, – per person & year. We also recommend that you go to the Swedish Tax Agency’s website to read more about the RUT deduction.

To make your move in Stockholm

In order for your move in Stockholm to go as smoothly and smoothly as possible, it is good to have a straight and clear communication with a moving company Stockholm, partly for them to be able to do a good job and partly for you to feel satisfied when mission completed.

If any situation arises that the moving company must take care of, in addition to what is included in the agreement, they must first discuss the matter with you.

When canceling float assistance

If for some reason you want to cancel your relocation assistance in Stockholm. This must be done no later than fifteen days before the postponed moving date, in order to avoid having to pay compensation to the company. Always ask companies before about what to do when canceling.

For example, if you cancel the move you may be liable for compensation. The amount you get to pay depends on slightly different factors. If the assignment has already begun, the direct loss of the transferor upon cancellation or if there are special reasons for the cancellation (such as illness or unemployment).

Do not hire a cheap moving company in Stockholm

Looking for a cheap company in Stockholm? The advantage of using an online service to find a relocation company is that you do not have to look for companies in the immediate area and then call around, which can be a bit time-consuming.

 Although prices between two moving companies differ, there is sometimes a reason to be a little extra attentive.

 If you find a moving company that is very much cheaper than its competitors, it may be good to check out this little extra before placing an order. A very low price does not have to mean that the company is rogue but just like in all other industries it can be.

For your own and your household's safety, it is good to make sure that everything will go right and that the company is insured, has F-tax slip, traffic permits, etc.

Let us choose a relocation company for you.